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Multiple studies have shown that practicing the gentle, flowing exercises of Tai Chi can improve physical strength, mobility, flexibility, bone density, and sense of balance. In one study, the individuals who practiced a form of Tai Chi regularly were able to reduce their risk of falling by almost 50%.

What you will learn...

Breathing & breath work

Focus & Concentration


Standing, stances & stepping

Traditional Forms*

Taijiquan & Qigong

*We offer alternative forms to accommodate physical challenges

Benefits of a regular taijiquan (tai chi) practice...

Improve balance

Strenghten breathing

Reduce stress

Increase flexibility

Improve focus and concentration

Better coordination


LIVE and virtual training classes

Video lessons

Supporting materials

Workshops and seminars

Live weekly lessons


Novice and advanced lessons

Private lessons

Bob H.

Edison, NJ

“I could not be any happier. I instantly knew I was in good hands."

Anna G.

Lowell, MA

“I enjoy ending each session with a positive affirmation."

Tim H.

Berlin, WI

“An amazing amount of information packed into one hour."

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