Qi=energy, life energy….. Gong=work, practice….. Qi Gong=energy work, energy practice

Qigong is an ancient Chinese energy art that combines focus, concentration, visualization, physical movement and specific breathing patterns to promote the balance flow of the vital life force which the Chinese refer to as Qi (Chee).  Qi flows through the body’s ‘meridian’ system in much the same way that blood flows through the body’s circulatory system.  Qi is manipulated and balanced by qigong and acupuncture practitioners.

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Qigong has been practiced for at least 4,000 years in various forms, many of which are still practiced today. Chinese medical practitioners, monks, scholars and martial artists have all contributed to the present day qigong styles. Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) believe that illness is the result of a weak and unbalanced flow of qi.  When the qi flow is weak and unbalanced, the internal organ and immune system will be weakened resulting in disease and illness. When the qi flow is strong and balanced, the body’s internal systems will be strong and healthy.

Qigong can range from being a very gentle internal practice for health promotion, through a very rigorous practice, as in the development of martial art techniques (iron body and iron palm for example).  The regular practice of qigong can improve health and even heal some chronic illnesses, increase energy, improve memory, increase productivity on all levels.  Qigong can reduce stress and its adverse effects on the entire body.

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Today, millions of people world-wide practice qigong.  A strong qigong practice can provide relief from stress and strengthen the body’s immune system.  Qigong can be done anywhere, anytime.  It can be practiced while sitting, standing, moving, not moving, or lying down. It is excellent for stress reduction, prevention of illness, dealing with chronic illness, healthy and active aging, and longevity.


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