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Qigong Can Change Your Life!

Qigong is a healthy practice that is easy to learn. It is available to anyone who has the desire to learn and wants to take ownership and be accountable for their health and wellness. Practicing qigong is simple, fun, and the benefits and results will amaze you.

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Seminars, workshops and other special events are offered frequently. My seminars and workshops provide information, history and details specific to a particular technique or practice... a 'deep dive' into a weapon or empty-hand form to help you refine and improve. Special events may present a guest speaker, demonstration or celebration.

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'Sihing' Frank Hanley

Frank Hanley is a martial artist, author, and teacher of Hung Ga style Kung Fu, Taijiquan and multiple Qigong styles and practices. 'Sihing’ Frank has been practicing martial and energy arts for over thirty years. A big fan of Bruce Lee and the Green Hornet “Kato” character, ‘Sihing’ Frank has a life-long interest in martial arts… especially Kung Fu. He started training at the “Shaolin Kung Fu School” in Somerville, NJ. Several years later, he began practicing qigong and Hung Ga style kung fu as a member of Yee’s Hung Ga Kung Fu Association.  In 2013, Frank moved to Maryland and began training Hung Ga style kung fu with Sifu John Jurewicz at Hung Wing Kung Fu in Wilmington, DE.  

In 2019, Frank was awarded Qigong Instructor Certification by the National Qigong Association. Frank practices qigong and kung fu daily.  He firmly believes that exercise and daily practice should be part of everyone’s lifestyle.

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Mary O.

Santa Rosa, CA

“I could not be any happier. I instantly knew I was in good hands."

Anna G.

Lowell, MA

“I enjoy ending each session with a positive affirmation."

Tim H.

Berlin, WI

“An amazing amount of information packed into one hour."

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